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Are you considering a move to Huron, South Dakota? Look no further! Huron is a vibrant and welcoming community with a rich agricultural heritage and a low cost of living.

Welcome to Huron!

Pheasant Country

The city's strong ties to agriculture and outdoor recreation, including pheasant hunting, make the World's Largest Pheasant an important part of Huron's identity and a source of pride for the community.

Rural Living

Huron is a small city located in the heart of South Dakota, with a population of about 13,000 residents. Known as a proud rural community with a strong agricultural heritage.

Fun Community

The city hosts several annual events, such as the South Dakota State Fair and the Huron Farmers Market, which bring residents and visitors together to celebrate the local culture and traditions.

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Make Huron your home today!

Located in the heart of South Dakota, Huron offers a high quality of life for its residents, with access to excellent healthcare, strong schools, and a variety of recreational opportunities. Whether you’re a young professional looking to start your career, a family seeking a friendly and affordable place to raise your children, or a retiree looking for a peaceful and welcoming community, Huron has something for everyone.